Monday Mathematics Madness!!

6 03 2017

Today we held Clapham Manor’s first Monday Mathematics Madness event! Six teams battled it out to be crowned Spaghetti Tower Champions. Their task? To use 20 pieces of spaghetti and 1 metre of masking to create a tower that would support one marshmallow. There was a time limit of 18 minutes and the tower had to be free-standing.

The challenge was set and the battle commenced! Parents, carers and other family members worked with their children to attempt the challenge.

Congratulations to the Fulford Three who won with a height of 71cm and a tower that didn’t fall over, even after 5 minutes. A prize is on its way to you! What type of shapes did they use in their tower? Why?

The rest of the results were as follows:

Tinkers: 71cm

Patrick and Family: 70cm

Bright Brains: 58cm

Jack Plum: 53cm

Marshmallow Munchers: 26cm

Maybe next time you and your family could join us for some more mathematical challenges!

24 Game – Maths Club Challenge!

31 01 2017


Calling all Maths Club Members (and anyone else who is up for a challenge!). Can you solve these 24-Game cards?

24 Game – Aim is to make the number 24, using all the numbers on the card only once. You can use any of the four operations to get to your answer. 1 dot = tricky, 2 dots = trickier, 3 dots = trickiest

Comment below with your solutions before Tuesday 7th February.

242 241 243

Sumdog contest!

24 11 2016


Every class in the school is entered into a contest on Sumdog this week (starting Friday 25th November). If you work as a class to answer lots of questions correctly then your class could be in with the chance of winning some great prizes! Ms Whitaker will also be giving out certificates to individuals who really impress her with their resilience and hard work. So get online and get playing! Good luck!

Maths Problem of the Week!

18 10 2016

Image result for maths puzzle get you thinking

Comment with your answer and how you solved it! Could you create your own puzzle like this for Ms Whitaker and Ms Mumby?

Welcome Back!

26 09 2016

Welcome back to Clapham Manor’s Maths Page! We loved receiving your Olympic Mathematics ideas and answers – check to see if your work has been displayed on the maths board by RT.

Here’s a challenge that Ms Whitaker was given when she was only 7 years old…it took her a long time but she worked the answer out in the end – can you do the same?!

Two fathers took their sons fishing.
Each man and son caught one fish, but when they returned to camp there were only 3 fish. How could this be?
(None of the fish were eaten, lost, or thrown back.)
Image result for fishing cartoon
Comment below with your answers!



28 06 2016

Taj Mahal

Symmetry is all around us. Look at the houses on your street – I bet some of the windows show symmetry! The building above is another incredible example of symmetry (in fact Ms Whitaker visited here a few years ago – can you work out what the building is called and where it is?!).

Click on the picture to complete a symmetry jigsaw puzzle.




Wolves and Lambs

21 04 2016

Image result for wolf cartoon

Six wolves catch six lambs in six minutes.
How many wolves will be needed to catch sixty lambs in sixty minutes?
No, the answer is not sixty. Try again!

Either comment on here, or hand your answer to Ms Whitaker or Ms Mumby. Make sure you explain and show your mathematical thinking!

Good luck!

Make 24!

2 03 2016

A group of year 5 mathematicians visited Lambeth Academy today for a morning of collaborative problem solving – alongside other primary schools and some year 7 and 8s.  They represented the school fantastically and showed off their skills by coming runners up in the competition.


For your maths challenge this week we would love you to have a go at the game we played at the competition:


Make 24


With the following sets of numbers your challenge is to make 24.  You may use any of the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) but each number can only be used once.  Share any responses with me to ear your Going for Gold certificate!










Good Luck!

Ms Mumby 🙂


Stay tuned for photos from the competition!

Making Connections…..

11 02 2016

maths journey

Half Term Maths Challenge

Making Magical Links in Maths!

Maths is all about making connections and links between different areas.  For example using multiplication facts to solve problems with fractions and areas of shapes.  It is also all about real life experiences and using these to help us solve problems.

 Your challenge:

Make a mathematical learning journey – you can collect real life maths you come across at home and over the holidays, make a concept map of all the things you have learnt.  Use pictures, diagrams and numbers (of course) to show your journey.

 This is a challenge to work on together with parents and carers, as well as siblings and can be presented any way you like.

 Good examples will be displayed on the whole school maths display and certificates awarded to the most creative learning journey!

 Good Luck

Ms Mumby 🙂


Test your skills against the clock!

21 01 2016

countdown title


Can you beat the clock?

Can you beat your parents?

Most importantly – can you beat your brother or sister?

Check out the link below to this brilliant countdown game.  Try and reach the target number as quickly and efficiently as possible! Who can do this in the least amount of steps? How did you refine your strategies?

I can’t wait to hear your countdown stories!

Ms Mumby 🙂

countdown 2        countdown

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